What ASLA Youth is about

The Armenian Society of Los Angeles was established in 1956 as a non-profit cultural organization. Today we have over 1,500 active members and are involved in cultural, humanitarian, and educational activities conducted in our center in the City of Glendale, California. Among numerous benevolent activities, the main functions can be highlighted as follows: Saturday School with over 100 students ages 6-15 Choir with over 85 members with regular weekly practices, headed by internationally renowned Maestro Mikael Avedisian Folklore Dance classes Ladies Guild activities under Women Chapter Hikers Club Writers Association Group Youth and Art Chapters activities Library with over 10,000 valuable Armenian books Save-A-Child and Educational Fund After the devastating earthquake in Armenia, Armenian Society of Los Angeles, among many humanitarian projects, has established a "Save-A-Child in Armenia" and "Educational Fund" to assist the disadvantaged and needy children who suffered the most, and whom parents were perished. In the past Armenian Society of Los Angeles regularly has paid these children directly for their basic needs. Today we have over 150 needy children in our care. We welcome and appreciate any and every help from individuals and organizations.

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