What Love International Film Festival is about

We live in a world where chaos challenges every nation and every individual equally. Fear of violence, hatred, persecution, misuse of religious and financial uncertainty follows us all. We stand divided in belief, nationalities and even within countries-– ideology. We are a world that often seems bereft of hope or a unifying vision. It is our goal to turn the world’s eyes to the beauty that exist in front of us all. It is my hope that we will play a part in art and creativity returning everyone to the abundance that surrounds us all. When you look at our little planet from space, its singular beauty is clearly seen. Its smallness in the great void should communicate that we all live in one home. This world of ours is exactly that, it is a world of OURS; a place for all of us to share, build and nurture. Regardless of your religious beliefs, I hope you still believe in Love and Peace for all. Lets define God in his purest form as love and peace, and with this new definition, help each other and help build our home in a way that there is enough for all of us.

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