What South Pasadena Pain Relief Center is about

About Us The South Pasadena Pain Relief Center specializes in providing non-surgical and noninvasive spinal decompression treatments of serious lower back, leg and neck pain, combined with the use of our state of the art DRT Triton Spinal Decompression machine. We strive to provide you relief, energy and stability in a supportive, informative and compassionate environment. About Dr. Michael Howell With more than ten years of experience in the chiropractic field, Dr. Michael Howell is a spinal decompression specialist who combines technology, education and science towards the treatment of pain. Dr. Howell is currently working on finishing his plant based nutrition certificate to become a plant based doctor. Dr. Howell’s approach to treatment is both personable and individualized, with the belief that an educated patient is a patient who will recover the most quickly.

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